How to Download Amazon Prime Music Song to MP3

Amazon Prime Music, providing 2 million songs crossing a wide variety of genres, is for free if you are already a Prime member on Amazon. Similar to other on-demand music service giants, Amazon Prime Music also enables users to download tracks for offline listening.

But in fact, these alleged Amazon downloads will become unreadable if you transfer them to other devices or apps. Why? That's because all songs from Amazon Music are encoded with its own unique technology, confining listeners to streaming music within the Amazon Music platform.

This will be a pity for Amazon Prime fans, as you can not even export your favorite audio to portable MP3 players for enjoying while hanging out. But fret not, here this page will show you a new workaround to unlock the current dilemma -- extract and download MP3s from Amazon Prime Music with TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter.

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What's TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter

It's a professional music recorder specially designed for Amazon Music users, with critically acclaimed among most Amazon Music listeners all over the world. Built with the up-to-date audio downloading core, TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter is able to convert any tracks from both Amazon Prime Music & Music Unlimited to plain MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC, with no need to install the Amazon Music app.

In addition, particularly worth mentioning is that TuneBoto also supports recognizing the ID3 metadata info for each Amazon track and saves them on the corresponding converted music files. After the fast speed conversion within TuneBoto, all your Amazon Music songs will be quickly saved as MP3s with zero loss in audio quality.

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Amazon Music Converter
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    Convert Amazon songs to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC
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    Works on Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime Music
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    Keep all ID3 tags; no quality loss
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    No need to install the Amazon Music app or other apps
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    Free upgrade and technical support

Tutorial on Download Amazon Prime Music to MP3

TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter is available in both Win and Mac computers, and here we will take the Windows version as an example to help you convert songs from Amazon Prime Music to MP3. Before that, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the correct program.

Step 1 Launch TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter

Run TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter and log into your Amazon Prime Music account.


Step 2 Set MP3 as the Output Format

Please click the "Setting" button at the upper right, followed that the pop-up window will allow you to set the Output Format (MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC), Output Path, Output Quality (256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps) and more. Here please choose "MP3" as the Output Format.


Step 3 Add Amazon Prime Music to TuneBoto

Open your preferred Amazon album, artist or playlist, and tap the blue "Add" button suspended on the right side, then all songs will be listed in the Add windows. Now, please select the tracks you would like to convert.

add music

Step 4 Start Converting Amazon Prime Songs to MP3

Please click the "Convert" button to start conversion. After a few minutes, all your Amazon Prime Music will be downloaded as MP3 files with original audio quality retained.


Now, please click the "History" button to find out the converted Amazon Prime Music tracks and it's time to transfer your library from Amazon Prime Music to any of your devices or apps for enjoying anytime anywhere.

Final Words

Whether you're after to transfer Amazon Prime songs to other devices for listening, save Amazon audio on USB for permanent backup, or upload Amazon Music library to iTunes for sharing, TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter has it all to make it easy. With no need to install any extra app, TuneBoto will convert your whole Amazon library in the background with a great speed. With the aid of it, downloading and extracting any Amazon Prime tracks as MP3s becomes pretty straightforward. TuneBoto offers the free trial version for users to test its features. Now, give it a shot!

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