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How to Play Amazon Video on Android Media Player

If you have ever tried to locate the Amazon downloads and move them from the computer to your Android phone, then you might have noticed the things. First, it is hard to find Amazon downloaded video locations. They all are stored in a hidden folder and are not regular video files but cache files, which are only playable within the Prime Video app. You can't move them to other devices and will lose access to them once your subscription ends.

This is a frustrating fact. If you want to keep your videos forever and play them on your Android media player or other devices, the best way is to download them in a widely-accepted format like MP4 format. Clearly, Amazon Prime doesn't grant you the ability to download Amazon videos in MP4 format. In such cases, you are required to use a third-party video downloader for Amazon Prime. Read on to learn how to download Amazon videos in MP4 format with TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader and how to move Amazon downloads to phone for streaming on Android media player.

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Best Ever Amazon Video Downloader - TuneBoto

TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader is a professional video downloading tool for Amazon Prime. It supports downloading any content from Amazon Prime Video in MP4 or MKV format. It can keep audio tracks and subtitles in many languages, you can select your preferred option in the setting window. Besides, the tool offers three subtitle encoding methods: internal subtitles, external subtitles, and hardcode subtitles, for playing the videos on different devices.

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Amazon Video Downloader
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Tutorial: Play Amazon Prime Video on Android Media Player

Step 1 Download and Install TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader

First, please click the "Try it Free" above and download TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader on either your Mac or Windows OS computer. After installing, please launch it and click "Sign In" in the main interface. Then follow the indicates to log in to your Amazon Prime Video account on the pop-up window.


Step 2 Customize the Default Download Settings

You can now change the output settings in the Settings window. Please click the gear icon directly to unleash a "Settings" window, in which you can select video format (MP4, MKV), output quality (High, Medium, Low), change output path, and so on as you like.


Step 3 Search for Amazon Movies or TV shows

Simply enter the title's name or keywords into the search box. After pressing the "Enter" button, the search results would appear within a few seconds.

search video

Step 4 Adjust Advanced Download Settings

Before downloading, you can configure multiple specific output parameters for Amazon videos on the "Advanced Download" window.

If you are downloading a movie, you can open the window by clicking the Download icon located in the bottom right corner.

As for downloading a TV show, please click the Download icon to choose your desired titles. There will be a pop-up window that allows you to select multiple episodes or a whole season to download. And then, click the Advanced Download button in the lower part of the window. The Advanced Download window will pop up to allow you to unify the output parameters of multiple episodes.

advanced setting

Step 5 Start Downloading Amazon Videos as MP4 Files

Now click the "Download" button on the bottom right corner, and TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader will download and convert Amazon Prime videos as MP4 files on your computer. A few minutes later, a popup window will remind you that your selected Amazon Prime videos have been downloaded successfully.


Step 6 Transfer the Downloaded Amazon Videos to Android Phone

Connect your phone to your computer by using a cable. Then you can right-click the downloaded file and send it to your phone, or drag and drop the file to a folder of your phone. After transferring, you can locate it on your phone and play it with Android media player.

Final Word

We have explored a useful way for playing Amazon Prime videos with Android media player. The process is not as difficult as expected. All you need is TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader. It can help you download and convert your Amazon video files to the most compatible formats, MP4 and MKV. After the conversion, you can play Amazon videos on any media player at any time.

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